Klaver Points

You never leave Klaver Casino empty handed thanks to our unique point plan. Every time you visit and also whilst playing the Klaver points are being automatically saved in your account.

You can redeem your Klaver points for amazing cash bonuses. Each 1000 playerpoints is worth 15 EUR of bonus money.

How do I save Klaver Points?

Once you have decide to sign up to Klaver Casino, the Klaver points will become a regular feature for all our players. You do not need to do anything else except play and enjoy yourself since everything is done automatically. For every bet you place in our Netent casino you will receive a certain number of Klaver Points. The amount of points you receive depends on what game you are playing and how much you play, the more you play the faster your Klaver Points balance will increase. Live Casino, EGT and PG games are excluded from the Klaver point savings because it is separate from the Netent casino.