Here at Klaver Casino reliability and trust come first in all aspects of our business. Besides offering a fun filled environment to play our games in we also want to offer to our players a feeling of trust and safety whilst playing. You can rest assured that your personal information and all payouts will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and safety. To find out more about how we do business, read below..

Information is stored safely

All personal information provided to Klaver Casino is stored with the highest safety and confidentiality. The databases used for data storage meet the strictest standards of safety in Europe.

Verifying player accounts

Klaver Casino is committed to verifying every player account at various times, as required by the MGA. The reason that players accounts must be verified in several different scenarios vary. Some of the more common reasons are listed below:

  • A payout request is made that is over a certain amount
  • There is a withdrawal request to a credit card
  • The Klaver Casino software detects suspicious behaviour on the relevant players account

There may also be random checks. In any case the player will be notified by e-mail. .

MGA Licensed

The MGA, which stands for Malta Gaming Authority, maintains strict control over all processes followed by Klaver Casino. Malta is an European country that issues gaming licenses to European online casinos. This is also the direct reason as to why the majority of online casinos including Klaver Casino are located in Malta. The licensing requirements to qualify for an MGA license are extremely strict and must adhere to the European gaming laws.

Use of Cookies

At we take the privacy of our players very serious. To let the website function best we have to make use of cookies. These cookies are there to collect data from players and potential players to make sure that everybody receives the best experience possible!

What’s a cookie?

Basically a cookie is nothing more than a small file being placed in your internet browser. These files can store all kind of information to optimise the website.

What kind of information do we store?

We want the website to be as efficient as possible. For that reason, most images / HTML and CSS files are stored locally on your computer. In that way you only have to download everything once.

What do we do with player information?

Player information will not be sold to a third party. Player information will be accessible to our licence holders and relevant authorities. We have all the systems and procedures in place to keep your personal information safe. If you win we will not disclose your full name (first- and last name) but only your first name plus the first letter of your last name.

We would strongly advise you to keep all cookies for available for a good experience on our website.

Use of third party cookies

We do make use of third party cookies:

  • Ladesk: Support system used by us
  • Netrefer: Use of cookies to track where new visitors come from (referral url)